The tallies are in – San Diego Leather Pride 2010 was an incredible success!!

Ms and Mr San Diego Leather 2010 Tiger and AnthonyThe San Diego community came out to numerous events over a two week period, had fun, played, honored Christi and Bryan for their title year and welcomed in two new titleholders.  OVER $12,000 WAS RAISED for the San Diego Leather Pride Charities to be distributed over the next year.  The theme this year was “Construction / Blue Collar” and, yes, we had fun with it!  The fifteenth Ms. San Diego Leather Contest took place on March 13th, 2010 at Rich’s.  Karen “Ultradomme” kept the crowd entertained while the esteemed judges selected tiger as Ms San Diego Leather 2010.

The Judges were:

  • Tobin Britton, American Leatherwoman 2002 -  Chief Judge
  • Donna Tello, Ms. San Diego Leather 2008
  • Mr. Dawson, International Mr. Drummer 1989
  • David Janish, Mr. SoCal Fantasy 1999
  • Shae Flanigan, BDSM Performer, educator and model
  • Duff Roberts, Owner Southern California Leather Woman
  • Phillip Faustman, Mr. San Diego Rodeo Runner Up – Community Judge

The twenty-eighth Mr. San Diego Leather Contest was on March 20th, 2010 also at Rich’s, Lenny Broberg took the stage again with his usual skill and humor.  A fantastic panel of Judges selected Anthony Rollar as Mr. San Diego Leather 2010.

The Judges were:

  • Randal Kinnear, Owner Int’l Leather Sir, Leather boy and community bootblack – Chief Judge
  • slavegirl debbie, queer, bdsm-bi, leather slave
  • John Meehan / Brittany Morgan, Empress 1992, Emperor 1994
  • Mike Underwood
  • Evon M.
  • slut bottom chris
  • Kelly Gilliland, Mr Golden State Gay Rodeo 2009 & 2010 – Community Judge

Thank you again to our sponsors:  Walgreens, San Diego Eagle, Urban Mo’s, RubberDawg, Dungeon Servitis & Rich’s.  Please support them when you can, they support us!
San Diego Leather Pride 2010 was dedicated to the memory of our friend Randy Vidal and a portion of the monies raised will be donated in his name.
Each year the San Diego Leather Pride committee chooses the “Spirit of Leather Pride” award for the committee member / volunteer that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  This year was the award went to Christi Campbell and PuP.
San Diego Leather Pride 2011 will be held at numerous venues throughout San Diego March 10th – March 20th, 2011.  Grab your balls, bats, sticks and get your goals ready, ‘cause the theme for 2011 is SPORTS!

Ms and Mr San Diego Leather 2010 Tiger and Anthony

Ms and Mr San Diego Leather 2010 
Tiger and Anthony

Contestants Al, Anthony, Tiger and Annette

Our contestants for 2010
Al, Anthony, Tiger and Barbed Wire